Wednesday, January 15, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox - Day 10 - In the Swing of Things

Yay I've made it to Day 10!!  Most importantly, this happened today:

I definitely didn't anticipate getting Crazy Harry, but such is life...excuse me while I go blow up something.  Just kidding-ish!  Click on the pic to find out which Muppet you are and share below.  This is obviously the most important thing you'll do today.  Also, it's Wednesday!  Halfway through the week and also about halfway through my 21DSD.  So what pearls of wisdom have I gleaned from detoxing today?

None really.  My day was crazy busy in the GOOD way.  I have lots of good, happy points stocked up in the bank so I'm better equipped to deal with things like the aforementioned HR drama.  I'm also feeling pretty good about myself for sticking to this detox and being healthier, which never happens to me.  I have terrible self-esteem and usually don't feel great about me.  So I think in terms of helping with depression, it sort of is helping, mostly because I'm proud of my accomplishments, not because of the dietary changes themselves, if that makes sense.

Due to my schedule today, I just ate a green apple for breakfast.  For lunch I had leftover chicken and broccoli & bacon salad.  They were still tasty and good unlike my awful Monday leftovers.  I am also prepping a grocery list to include things I had to leave behind on my last store visit, and I'll give you an idea of what I bought and how much it cost coming from a regular grocery store instead of Whole Foods.

The stuff I did manage to buy this past weekend is lasting for a lot more meals than I thought it would, which pleases me greatly.  I also reviewed some of the stuff we have in our freezer and know I can get us to the weekend between my own recipes and 21 DSD recipes.  I think I forgot to mention yesterday, but P greatly approved of the chicken although he wasn't so big on the broccoli salad.  That's ok by me though because I really liked it so more for me! 

So I tried yet another new recipe for dinner tonight - "Garlic Ginger Beef and Broccoli."  My favorite part of this recipe was that it was easy and quick to prepare.  My least favorite thing about this recipe is that the instructions on butchering the meat made no sense to me.  I mean, maybe I was reading it wrong?  But I just ended up cutting the meat in a way that made sense to me with how the recipe was structured.  The marinade was super yummy and easy to put together.

While you marinate the beef, you can get your water boiling and chop your broccoli to steam it,  When your broccoli is close to done steaming, you heat oil in a large pan and cook up the beef. Then you add in the broccoli and serve it up!

Yum! Lastly, I was craving a drink after my day but I made some tea instead.  Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and ended up drinking a bunch of black tea, which as you know, has caffeine in it.  I haven't had caffeine since I started the detox so it has left me VERY wired.  My bad!

So today wasn't very exciting, but everything is going well and hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly.

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