Sunday, January 12, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox - Day 7 - Bread Please

I have officially completed one whole week of the detox.  Two more weeks to go!  We are really enjoying the recipes for the most part and I'm certainly enjoying the health benefits I've experienced so far.  I must admit though, today I am craving something bread-y.  A muffin, a pbj, some flour tortillas dipped in queso, or some ravioli.  I just really want that bread!  And possibly cheese...I tried to satisfy my cravings by making "Apple Streusel  Egg Muffins" for a snack this afternoon.  But when I bit into one, all I could think was that it needed sugar, and wasn't the texture I wanted.  SIGH.  Stupid cravings!  So what's a girl to do?

 Today I slept in and then decided to to make one of the 21DSD quiches for a brunch, because quiche you guys! There were a lot of greens in this quiche, including chives, basil, and spinach.  The quiche recipe also called for cherry tomatoes (I used grape tomatoes), garlic, and loads of bacon.

There wasn't any skimping in the egg department either:

P had to run to work for a bit and it was ready when he got back. I baked it in a smaller casserole dish but it still came out pretty flat.  It was fairly tasty though considering there was no cheese or crust involved.

21 DSD Quiche - Ta-da!
Like I said, it was pretty flat, and we scarfed down about 2/3 of it - oooops.  I was still hungry though so I got a small bowl and put some full fat plain yogurt in it and topped it with some banola, which turned out better than my last foray into eating banola, and the tang of the yogurt was really nice.

After this I was still unsatisfied though, which is when I made the egg muffins, which smelled like french toast while they were cooking.  

But after I ate a couple of those, I was STILL unsatisfied.  SO I decided to sit and drink some water and watch some football and look at recipes online.  P wants me to figure out if we can make fried onions with a dredge that is more "Paleo" instead of using regular old flour so I might have to do some kitchen experimenting after my detox to figure that one out.  On the other hand, if you're going to be making fried onions, why not just do it the unhealthy way and call it a cheat meal? We'll see, if I come up with something amazing I'll certainly share it!

Anyway, I ate too much already today but then I decided to make Asian-style Meatballs with a Cabbage Slaw.  I didn't have the exact ingredients for the slaw but made do:

That's a LOT of cabbage.
And then I put together the Asian-style Meatballs from the 21DSD book.  They were pretty quick and easy to make and I had them with my slaw:

P says I get points for presentation on this one. Score!

 A little tip if you're cooking these - line your pan with foil. SERIOUSLY.  I scrubbed and scrubbed and I still have crap stuck to my pan.  I'll give it another go later or tomorrow.  They turned out ok.  I wasn't blown away but maybe that's because I really just want some freaking bread today and nothing can satisfy that but bread of course!

Hopefully tomorrow will be easier and less craving-esque.  On the bright side, I am sleeping well, I don't feel bloated still, I still haven't gotten heartburn.  My face is breaking out a bit but hopefully that will pass.

Anyway, I've finished week 1 and I took lots of pictures for you, woo-hoo!

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