Thursday, January 23, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox - Day 17 - Apple Pie Smoothie and N'Oatmeal

My gosh, I can't believe I've made it 2 1/2 weeks!  How crazy is that?  I have definitely felt like throwing in the towel (like on Day 16) but I've done so well it would be a terrible waste to call it quits.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.  I also try to remember this:

Today I didn't have any cravings.  It was nice...really nice.  The thought of eating pastries and ice cream and the like at this point is actually sort of unappetizing.  Which is weird, but in the good way.  This morning I gave the 21DSD Cookbook's Apple Pie Smoothie another shot and added a bit of water this time.  I also let it blend for a bit (probably about a minute or so straight).  It was still kind of fiber-y due to the apple, but it tasted good and GOOD GRIEF it was so filling.  You most definitely could split this between 2 people, I couldn't finish mine.

  • 1 green (granny smith) apple
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp. almond butter
  • small handful of ice
  • nutmeg (optional)
Peel your apple and then chop it up.  Add the chopped apple and all other ingredients to a blender except the nutmeg.  Blend for 1 minute, or until smooth.  If you want to garnish, sprinkle a little nutmeg on top.

For lunch I had leftover coconut curry, which was so-so.  I ran to a Wal-Mart neighborhood store after an appointment (it was on the way home) and wow, it was so not well stocked.  I've been there before and it was nice enough so I don't know what was going on, tons of empty shelves in the produce department especially.  I grabbed a couple things I needed like more eggs.  I also looked at the lunch meat they had.  Good grief I never realized sliced roast beef could have 15 ingredients!!!  That was a pretty shocking realization.  I've become a lot more cognizant of the "Ingredients" list.  I saw some super cute Valentine's stuff so I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back and grab some to give to my co-workers. 

For dinner I had prosciutto and pepperoni, a tiny bit of goat cheese, and a couple Savory Herb Drop Biscuits from the 21 DSD book.  I made these with little modification from the recipe as written and they are really tasty!  I definitely had to tell myself "no more!" after two because I was ready to go for a third.

Then I decided it was finally time for me to cook the Banana Vanilla Bean N'oatmeal.  I think I didn't temper my eggs well enough, or maybe I did and it just gets this way, but during cooking it got very lumpy and gross and literally looked like some nasty alien thing and it didn't sound much better as it bubbled up.  I was ready to toss it out but I remembered that I used one whole vanilla bean that cost me over $5 so I rolled with it and figured the part where I throw everything into a blender would sort out the lumpy-ness.  And guess what?  The blender fixed it all and it tastes freakin amazing.  

The texture is kind of like pudding.
P was like "this is good shit!!!" which is guy code for "make more" I believe.  It definitely did not result in as large of a quantity as it looks like in the book.  The book says you could fill 4 jars with it.  I netted about 2 cups worth of the N'oatmeal so that's 1 cup for each of us tomorrow for breakfast.  Definitely not enough to fill 4 mason jars.  I think I'll just double the recipe when I make it again which will probably be right after I get my order of vanilla beans from Amazon (thank goodness for Prime!).

Anyway, that was my day, and it was crazy enough that I went way past my goal on my Nike FuelBand, hurray!  Tomorrow I'm making chicken thighs so be prepared for a tasty recipe coming your way.

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