Saturday, January 11, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox - Day 5 - Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

I'm a bit late in recapping my Day 5 experience, but suffice to say I unfortunately cheated twice on Friday.  I didn't eat any pumpkin though...that would've been tasty.    But that's the saying so let's roll with it!  This is also where I got my "daily lesson" which I'll discuss after the jump.

The best part about Day 5 was that for one dinner I finally didn't have to cook and do dishes.  P took me out for a date night at a Paleo restaurant here in Dallas.  It was fantastic!  I'm so lucky to have a partner who believes in date nights.  Just because you're in an established relationship doesn't mean you should give up doing things for each other, going on dates, making out like teenagers (but with more skill), or taking care of yourself and each other.  That's another reason I wanted to do the 21DSD, I want to look good again for my partner, else the whole dating period was really a load of false advertising, don't you think?

I started the day out pretty tired, which I think was a result of having such a horrible and exhausting Thursday.  I brought a green apple and some almond butter to work for breakfast, and also brought leftover "Shrimp Pad Thai" for my lunch.  When I got to work, I forgot that every Friday the office caters fresh fruit (usually tons of bananas, some apples, some pears, and some oranges or similar citrus).  I was feeling so tired I grabbed a green banana and had that with the apple and almond butter for breakfast.  This was my first cheat.  On level one of the 21DSD, you are only allowed ONE of the approved fruits per day.  So having two was definitely a no-no.  Sure tasted good though, and at least my apple was small.  

The rest of the work day was pretty average and I had cold Shrimp Pad Thai for lunch.  I was concerned about heating it up because I didn't want the shrimp to get rubbery, and honestly, it tasted good cold, so that worked out pretty well, huzzah!  After work I ran home and got ready for our date night.  P made reservations at HG Sply Co., which is a pretty new restaurant that is focused on Paleo eats.  
The food was so fresh, not full of weird ingredients, and simply delicious.  I was able to order off their menu with ease, the server was super helpful and didn't mind explaining what ingredients were in different dishes, and we had such a good time.  I also cheated a second time here.  I decided to have ONE drink.  I got their Moscow Mule, which had vodka, ginger kombucha, lime juice, and some turbinado syrup in it.  The vodka and turbinado were definite no-nos, but the rest was 21 DSD approved.  So it could've been worse I suppose, and I relished that drink! But guess what?  Unlike what I would normally do, which would be to order a second round and/or drink some more at home, I stopped at that one.  It was good, satisfied my "this was a crappy week I want a drink" desire, and I moved on.  

Taking my cheats into consideration though, I don't think they were the worst cheats ever and I got it out of my system, it's over, I'm still going strong, which is what I think matters most.  Lesson #5 - if you cheat or mess up, it's really not the end of the world.  It also isn't an excuse to throw your hands up in the air, go hogwild and cheat even more, or worse yet - call it quits.  Giving up because of one little slip up is no good, and you'll just end up being really disappointed.  Enjoy your cheat for what it is, acknowledge it, stop cheating, and move on, there's really nothing else to be done!  I would like to think that a green banana and a shot or two of vodka won't derail my long-term detox efforts. 

As an aside, sorry no pictures of our epic meal, the lighting was more for mood and less for photography, so nothing would've looked good in the pictures.  Plus, the seating was pretty tight, like in a lot of New York restaurants, so it would've been rude to our neighbors, which is not cool.

Afterward, we walked around and stopped into a couple shops because the weather was to die for.  60 degrees in January?  Heck yeah!  I also picked up some good looking dark chocolate from Trader Joe's for when I transition to a more Paleo diet at the end of this detox.  What a great end to this crazy week!  

I'll give you a rundown of Day 6 soon, and with more pictures, promise.  Until then -

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