Friday, January 24, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox - Day 18 - Chicken Thigh Drama

I survived Day 18!  It is definitely getting harder to stick to it as I approach the finish line.  I'm getting that "isn't 18 days good enough??" feeling.  But then I remember...

I want to succeed most and lose some weight.  So my cravings and laziness need to shut up!  Day 18 was a little un-fun though, thanks to a surprise chicken issue when I went to make dinner.

I started out the day with my yummy yum Banana Vanilla Bean N'oatmeal.  Paleo Parents has provided this recipe so check it out there.  It's really great warm or cold, is packed with nutrients, and I'm definitely going to make a lot more of it, and maybe try different flavorings too.  For lunch I had some Savory Herb Drop Biscuits, prosciutto, and a little cottage cheese.  

Then came dinner.  UGH.  So as you may recall in an effort to save some moolah we decided to make our meat purchases at Sam's.  Last night I decided to make Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs again because YUMM.  However, in our effort to save we unknowingly sacrificed a bit in the quality department.  What I'm getting at is, there was still some feather action going on with my chicken thighs.  Plucking out feathers and bits of quill is SUPER unappetizing, especially when you're a city girl like me.  But you know, a lot of people in the world have to slaughter their own chickens and de-feather them so I shut up and sucked it up.  The final result tasted great as it did previously:

I also made dill carrots again from the tzatziki salmon recipe I made last week and those were delish.  I was really tired by the end of the chicken prep and cooking so I slept really well last night.  We had a cold front come in yesterday and it was nice to be under all the blankets and cuddling with my puppies.

As a side note, I have really been learning to seek comfort outside of food and alcohol on this detox.  I'm a huge comfort food eater, so if I was stressed/upset/anxious/feeling accomplished I usually would have a drink or eat some unhealthy stuff or worse - both.  But with the 21DSD that's not an option.  I'm learning new ways of coping, slowly but surely.  

I feel like I could easily slide back into those bad habits though, so I need to keep mostly with the 21DSD plan past just 21 days.  I've also been considering joining "Give it 100" as kind of a fun way to motivate myself to start exercising.  This is the video that inspired me to consider joining.  So I may start doing that this weekend.  Check it out and if you do join let me know and I'll follow and support you!

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